Innovation Living – Becoming Minimalist


There are many benefits to living a more “minimalist” lifestyle.

It’s simple – Own less. Live more.

The key advantages to streamlining your life, materialistically & emotionally, are abundant & can reshape all facets of how you live.

  • Find work you love
  • Get out of debt
  • Have “drop – by” guests with ease
  • More opportunity for rest
  • Display what you value most
  • More time on your hands
  • Visually appealing
  • Easier to entertain
  • Good for the environment
  • Less stress
  • Freedom
  • Easier to clean
  • A great example for your kids

A lot of people, these days, are weighing up these highlights when deciding to buy / move into a smaller house. The main consideration should be “HAPPINESS”!

It’s a very personal decision. Here are a few factors that may tip the scales in favour of becoming minimalist in your approach to your living environment:

1)      A smaller home requires less of your time to clean & maintain

2)      Smaller houses are cheaper to purchase & keep (less taxes, insurance, electricity etc)

3)      Become more financially stable with lower risk (you can afford it more comfortably)

4)      Free your mind – less is more

5)      Environmentally beneficial to us all – reduction in resources to build & maintain

6)      Family bonding is encouraged – more social interaction among family members (that is a good thing!)

7)      Moving into a smaller space makes you shed unwanted items & it is less tempting to accumulate

8)      Easier to decorate & keep décor simple – this is where Innovation Living comes in as we offer a wide range of sofa beds, coffee tables and innovative design concepts to enhance smaller homes, studios and apartments.

Take a look on-line or visit our Brisbane showroom. Our home interior specialists are more than happy to help you achieve your goal to become minimalist in your home / décor requirements.



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